Lamb of God’s “Walk with Me in Hell” Sounds Brutal Even Played on a Cello


Earlier in the fall we shared a cover of Opeth’s “Harvest” on nine cellos, arranged and performed by Raphael Weinroth-Browne. What made that cover so much fun to listen to is how extraordinarily chilled out the track became in the skilled hands of Weinroth-Browne, like a classical music version of the original.

Weinroth-Browne is back with another cello cover of a metal song, but this time he’s gone another route: his version of Lamb of God’s “Walk with Me in Hell” is just as aggressive and punishing as the original. Here the fun lies in hearing how the cello’s range and Weinroth-Browne’s breadth of playing styles can tackle different elements of the song — multiple guitar lines, bass and vocal melodies — and how a seemingly non-metal instrument can still sound really fucking meaty when played a certain way. This version also makes use of Chris Adler’s original drum track, which certainly helps keep things groovin’ and movin’.

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