Jam the New Abigail Williams Track “The Final Failure”


Like my pal Axl, I haven’t paid much attention to Abigail Williams in a very long time. First they were metalcore, then they were symphonic black metal, and then when they morphed into atmospheric black metal I was like, “yeah, enough, this band just seems to be chasing trends.”

But here we are in 2016, several albums later and with a new track having just been released, and I’m shocked to learn that it’s more or less similar to where I left off. And that’s a good thing! Whereas I’m usually happy to hear bands evolving and experimenting, here it’s refreshing that Abigail Williams found a sound that worked for them and stuck with it. Which isn’t to say the band hasn’t changed at all over the course of six years… they just haven’t drastically changed. They’ve taken the same foundation and built upon it.

The track is called “The Final Failure,” is streaming at No Clean Singing, and is a demo of a song that will appear on a future release. It’s got heavy doses of that whole ABM thing happening, but it also has some neat symphonic touches, haunting vocal melodies, and sprinklings of folk thrown in. I like it.

Listen below and download it at Bandcamp for a buck.

In case you missed it: AW mastermind Ken Sorceron is also the new vocalist in The Faceless.

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