Antifa Slams Nergal from Behemoth for Wearing a Nazi Costume While Playing a Nazi in a Movie

  • Axl Rosenberg

Antifa’s heart may be in the right place, sort of, but they’re definitely not doing the left any favors right now. First, they shut down a concert in Canada via means of non-peaceful protest, rendering black the pot and the kettle alike. Now Nergal from Behemoth has come under attack from the group… for what is really the dumbest possible reason. As Nergal himself notes…

This photo, in case you’ve forgotten, was taken while Nergal was playing a Nazi in a 2013 German film called AmbaSSada (EmbaSSy). So he had, y’know, a really good reason to be wearing that uniform. I dunno if Antifa is poorly informed or against the portrayal of fascists in media altogether, but I guess we’ll find out if they start protesting Christoph Waltz’s Oscar win for playing Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds.

Additional reporting by Emperor Rhombus

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