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Black Anvil’s New Track “As Was” is As Good As Was Is


Two for two so far on Black Anvil’s forthcoming new album As Was: “May Her Wrath Be Just” was an excellent first glimpse a couple of weeks ago, and now we get to hear the title track.

“As Was” continues to make good on the promise the band made about their new album, that it would be “more diverse, complex, and thought-provoking” than anything they’d released before. These tracks sound like a completely new, re-invigorated Black Anvil; if you’d told me this were a different band altogether, I’d have believed you (to be fair: they do have a new guitarist, Travis Bacon, also of White Widows Pact). The title track features a sludgy, mid-paced march I’ve not heard from these guys before, and the clean vocals at times give it an almost Type O Negative-y feel. Really, really digging on this.

Check out “As Was” below via Noisey, where you should also head to read an interview with Paul Delaney. As Was comes out January 13th, 2017 via Relapse Records; pre-order physical copies here and a digital version here.

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