Enlarge It's not clear whether the lump is cancerous or not. Iommi was first diagnosed with lymphoma in 2012 but was recently declared in remission.

Tony Iommi Set for Surgery to Have “Lump” Removed


While a cancer diagnosis these days is by no means a death sentence, it profoundly alters the way a survivor lives their life. The threat of cancer’s return always looms large.

Despite being declared officially “in remission” this past August, Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi — who was first diagnosed with lymphoma in January of 2012 — is now set to undergo surgery for a lump that recently appeared in his throat. It’s not yet clear whether the lump is cancerous or not.

The PRP picked up on this story from The Irish Times, in which Iommi revealed the diagnosis:

I went for a check four weeks ago and the doctor said that at the moment there is no activity where I had the cancer before, but there is activity in the throat. When I get back to England, I have to have an operation to remove this thing at the back of my nose. The doctors found a lump there and we don’t know if it is cancer or what, but I feel OK at the moment.

Let’s hope that Iommi’s clam that he feels OK is a sign of good things to come.

Read more at The Irish Times, including a bit on the band’s spat with ex-drummer Bill Ward that led to his non-participation in their farewell tour.

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