You Could Buy Kirk Hammett’s San Francisco Home for Only $16 Million!


If you’re a huge Metallica fan and you’ve got $16 million sitting in the bank — or perhaps just a percentage of that for a down payment, maybe even as “little” as $3.2 million! — in just a few months you could be shitting on the very same toilet in which Kirk Hammett has dropped his deuces for the past six years.

According to Curbed, the Metallica guitarist just posted his San Francisco home up for sale, and the asking price isn’t even considered astronomical by local standards. In the Sea Cliff neighborhood of northern San Francisco, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Hammett’s abode sits in one of the city’s wealthiest areas: two other homes on the very same street are currently up for sale, too, one also listed at $16 million and the other at $19.6 million. Yeesh!

Hammett bought the property for $8 million in 2010, so he’ll effectively double up on his investment when the house sells (not counting real estate taxes, broker fees, renovations, etc.). Suddenly those losses Metallica took in recent years on Orion Fest and Through the Never don’t seem so significant.

Read Curbed for more info, and ogle at some of the photos below.

cliff5 cliff7 cliff8 cliff12 cliff13 cliff14 cliff3 Kirk Hammett house

[via Blabbermouth]

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