Just Us Clothes!


11th grade. A friend of ours had banged this skankily hot girl and is telling us that she is a beast in the sack. We’re all hanging out at his house and he gets a call from her and she’s on her way over for another go. He has the nerve to try to usher us out but we’re having none of it. The guy was known for scrogging chicks left and right so it was pretty easy to persuade him into letting all 5 of us hide in different parts of his room while they bash leather.

We all did a great job of hiding because she wasn’t in the room 2 minutes before she was naked and gobbling his schlong.

1 guy was in the corner behind a curtain, 1 idiot got under the bed, my one friend hahaha… sorry… gets under a huuuge pile of dirty clothes and his face was just kinda of sticking out… like a big dirty clothes jabba the hutt… we were all dying from laughing. Then me and and another friend have front row seats in his closet perfectly comfortable, standing up and looking right at their business on the bed in front of us.

Now, in retrospect, this whole thing wasn’t thought through properly. 5 immature doufouses (or is it doufi?) trying to go undetected when a girl is talking so dirty that the paint in the room was melting and young children in other towns probably started crying and nobody knew why. But we did. We’re all mustering every ounce within us to not bust out laughing.

She gets out from under him and repositions herself onto all fours to make some puppies and sticks her ass up and then it happened…

She busted a queef that would’ve calved glaciers. Unreal.

It proved too much… the strain was too great… no sooner did the queef stop than 3 of the 5 of us did that laughing sound that’s hard to spell. That same sound you make when you’re trying to choke down a bong hit. But we were strong enough to resist breaking out into full laughter… hands over mouth style.

But, the gig was up… our buddy that was putting in the work kind of chuckled as she says “What the hell? Is someone else in here?!” She looks right at the crack in the closet door and says “Who’s in the damn closet?!”

Being the clown that I am and knowing that this was a nose dive we weren’t gonna be able to pull out of, I replied “Just us clothes.”

She started screaming and my wisecrack breaks the dam and the laughs come from everywhere as she scrambles into his bathroom.

Surprisingly, afterwards she hung around and was totall

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