Shit That Comes Out Today: March 3, 2017

  • Anso DF

Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams all for your jammage. Now crank this shit up!


Eternal Rituals For The Accretion Of Light (Prosthetic)
On a playlist with: Agent Fresco, Palms, Dredg
Listen “The Queen’s Constellation” (here) “Clean The Beast” (here)

Our Vince Neilstein on the return of Junius: “In 2012, Days of the Fallen Sun did to us what all Junius records do so well: washed over our bodies and minds with their patented wall-of-sound guitars and lilting vocals. ‘Morrissey Metal’ at its finest. Guitarist Michael Repasch-Nieves has left the band, leaving vocalist/guitarist Joseph E. Martinez to handle most of the writing … Still quite Junius-y, don’t worry.”


doctor-livingstoneDoctor Livingstone
Triumphus Haeretici (Osmose)
On a playlist with: Immortal Bird, Cowards, Voices
Listen “The Grand Finale” (here)

Have you ever encountered that old Russian novel The Master And Margarita? In it, an urbane, mystical Satan is accompanied by a terrifying man-sized cat and a traveling retinue of weird fiends. The former two come to the mind of a listener to Doctor Livingstone, such is their sly cruelty and the ever-approaching end of its suppression. It always sounds like a paw as big as an oar is about to club you to the ground. Perfect cover art.


black-mirrorsBlack Mirrors
Funky Queen EP (Napalm)
On a playlist with: Greenleaf, Monster Magnet, Garbage
Listen “Funky Queen” (here)

That band The Pretty Reckless can claim great songwriting, but only the heaviness of Rihanna. Which is weird cuz they’re dressed like a heavy rock band, but no big whoop. For fans of the heavy rock sound, there’s Black Mirrors. Crank it up!!


light-of-the-morning-starLight Of The Morning Star
Nocta (Iron Bonehead)
On a playlist with: Angel Blake, H.I.M., Danzig
Listen “Ophidia” (here) “Nocta” (here)

You get why some dudes can’t abide, say, Hair Metal. You can tell they find it unseemly and undignified, and ultimately low key upsetting — which, I must confess, is how I regard gothic hard rock. That vibe is always an obstacle to my affection for a band. Light Of The Morning Star vaults that obstacle pretty effortlessly; their debut Nocta is a black metal act’s take on long-sleeved fishnet-shirt rock, which means it attempts no sexiness nor more than the most essential, strict melodies.


cold-fellCold Fell
Irwell (Argento)
On a playlist with: Cobalt, Anaal Nathrakh, Naðra
Listen “Bone Ceiling” (here) “Skull Crushed Against Salford Cobblestones” (here)

STCOT is not without fault, and as such, this awesome Cold Fell album was listed in last week’s edition. Actually it belongs in this week’s STCOT, yet it’s a good problem as it yields a second chance to spotlight this must-jam. And let’s also acknowledge the value of clear info about an album’s release date; dear bands, please put the shit all over your social media and press releases in big, bold font. Some of our sharpest publicist friends — having sensed that MS Editorial is about 35% bong resin at this point — remind us about their new releases a few days in advance via an email titled “Out this week!” Thanks for making it easy on us!


hollow-legHollow Leg
Murder EP (Argonauta)
On a playlist with: Crowbar, Weedeater, Mastodon
Listen “Raven” (here)

Perusing the new final roster for Psycho Las Vegas fest, you’ll plotz well before your eyes reach the small print. After all, it’s awesomely weird that any space is shared by King Diamond and Brian Jonestown Massacre, Gojira and Murder City Devils, Psychic TV and Ace Frehley. When the dust settles, however, the tiny bands at the bottom will dazzle with their 30-minute sets: fucking Young And In The Way, Gatecreeper, Royal Thunder, Black Anvil, and a bunch that you’ve never heard of. Well, let’s now move one act from the list of unknowns to the list of must-sees: Hollow Leg. Confidential to band that plays right after Hollow Leg: Good luck!!!



Bear Mace100 Years 100 Years (Suicide) listen
Altar And God Created Satan To Blame For His Mistakes demo reissue (Vic) listen
Ancara Garden Of Chains (Concorde) listen listen
Atreides Neopangea (Suspiria) listen listen
Beorn’s Hall Mountain Hymns (Naturmacht) listen
Bear Mace Butchering The Colossus listen
carnal-decayBungler The Nature Of Being New (Innerstrength) listen
Cancelled Tenebrific listen
Carnal Decay You Owe You Pay (Rising Nemesis) listen
Cataleptic Forward (Archaic Sound) listen
Cryptic Brood Brain Eater (Xtreem) listen
Danko Jones Wild Cat (AFM) listen
DarkRam Stone And Death (Club Inferno) listen
katharosThe Day Of The Beast The Ultimate Cremation Pyre (HPGD) listen
Desecrate The Faith Unholy Infestation (Comatose) listen
Drip-Fed Under The Wave Blanket 7″ (Red Flag) listen
Drude Drude listen
Druids Druids listen listen listen
Emmure Look At Yourself (Sharptone) listen
Fashion Week So Last Season (InDebth) listen
manetherenFlaming Wrekage From Flesh To Duste listen
Gorephilia Severed Monolith (Dark Descent) listen
The Grandfather Absent EP listen
Grima Tales Of The Enchanted Woods (Naturmacht) listen
Holocausto War Metal Massacre (Nuclear War Now!) listen
Invoker Four Wall Nightmare listen
John 5 And The Creatures Season Of The Witch fuck your teaser
patriaKatharos Exuvian Heraldry (Sliptrick) listen
Malvm Cvltvs Diaboli EP cassette (Neverheard) listen
Manetheren The End (Avantgarde) listen
Mindful Of Pripyat / Stench Of Profit split (Everlasting Spew) listen
Minus The Bear Voids (Suicide Squeeze) listen
Moros / Black Urn split EP listen
Nocrul Khorne cassette (Neverheard) listen
persefoneNord Alpha EP (Inverse) listen
Offret Offret EP (Wooaaargh) listen
Our Hollow, Our Home Hartsick listen listen
Pandemic Outbreak Rise Of The Damned cassette (P-18) listen
Patria Magna Adversia (Soulseller) listen
Persefone Aathma (ViciSolum) listen
Petrification Summon Horrendous Destruction EP (Sentient Ruin) listen
pissed-onPissed On The Hanged Man (Advocate) listen
Free Minds (Stay Sick) listen
Rozamov This Mortal Road (Battleground/Dullest) listen
Sail Slumbersong (Hibernacula) listen listen
Sauron The Baltic Fog reissue (Wheelwright) listen
7HY Stories We Tell CD listen
She Must Burn Grimoire (Artery) listen
sailSkeleToon Ticking Clock (Revalve) listen
Solitary The Diseased Heart Of Society (Ukem) listen
Uganga Opressor (2014) (Deformeathing) listen
Versus The Cardinal (Revival) listen
Villain Of The Story Wrapped In Veins, Covered In Thorns (Stay Sick) listen
Vitja Digital Love (Century Media) listen
zombie-assaultWithin The Ruins Halfway Human (Long Branch) listen
Wolfheart Tyhjyys (Spinefarm) listen
Xysma Yeah reissue (Vic) listen
Ymir’s Blood Ymir’s Blood (Archaic Sound) listen
Zombie Assault Video Nasty (Eclectic) listen

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