BTBAM are Planning a 10th Anniversary Colors Tour


Alaska was the first Between the Buried and Me album I ever owned. I picked it up at Tower Records having never heard the band solely because of one of those “For fans of…” stickers Victory Records used to slap on every release (which bands the sticker plugged escapes me). It will always hold a special place in my heart, even if I know the band members themselves mostly hate it now.

Colors, though, was the BTBAM album that really made me a fan. They refined what they did on Alaska and took everything to the next level. It is, in my opinion, their crowning achievement. I know I’m not alone amongst BTBAM fans in feeling this way. Colors coincided with the band’s greatest explosion in popularity, and as tends to the be the case when that happens it’s a lot of people’s favorite album.

Perhaps sensing this, BTBAM are plotting a fall tour in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Colors in which they’ll play the full album from start to finish. Bassist Dan Briggs revealed the news in an interview with That Drummer Guy, posted below, and brought to our attention by Lambgoat. Dates and venues have yet to be announced and probably won’t be for some time, but the very mention of a Colors tour is enough to get fans like me a-fappin’. Stay tuned, and jam colors below in anticipation.

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