Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop Claims That Replacement Denis Stoff Was Lip Syncing Live Using Worsnop’s Vocal Tracks

  • Axl Rosenberg

No-talent dingleberrry Danny Worsnop has taken a shot at no-talent dingleberry Denis Stoff in a new interview with No-Talent Dingleberry Syndrome. Worsnop, you’re probably aware, is the lead no-talent dingleberry in Asking Alexandria to Please Stop Playing. But there was a period of who cares how much time when Worsnop was out of the band and Stoff was his replacement.

Now Worsnop claims that not only was Stoff lip syncing during his live performances with AAtPSP, but was doing so using Worsnop’s own tracks (transcription via Rock Feed):

“He was lip syncing over my stuff for a minute. That obviously did not rub me or my lawyers the right way.

“[The lawyers] jumped on it before I did. They were like, ‘Hey just so you know, we sent him a cease and desist because he’s lip syncing over your stuff.’ I hadn’t seen them or heard them with him so I was just like, ‘Yeah make sure he’s not using my stuff.’”

It goes without saying that Worsnop was completely within his right to be so upset about this. Stoff was out there every night proving that Worsnop’s vocals are so generic that no one would even notice if a completely different person sounded exactly like him. That can’t be good for business.

What a dingleberry.

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