Video: Ice T Predicted the Decline of the Music Industry in 1999


After watching this recently unearthed video from 1999 of Ice T talking about the coming decline of the music industry, I’m more convinced than ever that Ice was a full-fledged prophet.

The influx of MP3s, the decline of CDs — Ice totally called it: “Anybody who’s seen it actually work cannot honestly believe CDs have got a chance in hell.” WAY before the option of purchasing digital music was available, Ice describes (in detail!) what ended up being the iTunes store four years before it happened. Downloading movies. The labels being slow to adapt. It’s all here.

Ice T also details his studio setup in depth, including his ProTools rig, his love of Macintosh computers, and the pros and cons of upgrading software. Sure, some of the technology may seem a bit quaint, but eighteen years later most artists still don’t know as much about the technology they use daily as Ice demonstrates he does here.

Ice T was also a pioneer in both hip hip and metal, need I remind you. Icestradamus.

What’s Ice T going to predict next? May want to pay attention to that new Body Count album extra closely now…


[via Ice T’s Twitter]

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