Unsigned and Unholy: Forming the Void, Anhedonic, Sisters of Suffocation


Progressive sludge metal that’s dynamic, engaging and doesn’t get too swept up in itself is hard to come by — so many bands try, and fail — but Louisiana’s Forming the Void have done a fantastic job on their new effort Relic. Check it out in full below.


It takes a lot for a black metal band to impress me these days — there’s just been so much of it the past ten years! — but Anhedonic made a strong impact on me with their new track “Stargazer.” Part Krallice atmosphere, part Behemoth heft and part Opethian melody, the one-man band portends a winning formula that shows promise. What’s more, this track is just a demo, which hopefully means that this song — and others — will sound even better in full-fledged form.

Lord knows there are plenty of technical death metal bands these days, but Sisters of Suffocation have hit the sweet spot between technicality and bludgeoning, pummeling, bone-shaking groove. Also: riffs! Lots of ’em. And a versatile, menacing vocal attack.

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