Dallas Toler-Wade: “I left Nile for Many Other Reasons That Will Remain Undisclosed”


When it was announced in February that longtime Nile frontman Dallas Toler-Wade was leaving the band, it seemed to be under amicable circumstances. A statement from Nile said that Toler-Wade “has decided to leave the band to focus on his own plans and recordings;” a few days later, Toler-Wade himself gave an interview in which he basically chalked his departure up to needing a break from constant touring.

Now it seems like there’s at least some lingering animosity between Toler-Wade and his former bandmates… at least on the guitarist/vocalist’s side. His former side project and now current project, Narcotic Wasteland, recently reissued their 2014 debut, and Bravewords reports that the re-release arrived with this statement from Toler-Wade:

“I left Nile for many other reasons that will remain undisclosed, not just for the reasons they detailed in their statement, which were ‘to focus on my own plans and recordings.’ That quote didn’t come from me. I was already putting a lot of my time and energy into Narcotic Wasteland when Nile was not busy writing or touring. My intention was to do shows and albums with Narcotic Wasteland on the flipside, because I like to stay busy. I will continue to write and perform music on whatever level I can for as long as I can. From now on, Narcotic Wasteland will be my main musical focus.”

So that’s obviously kinda vague, but it sounds like Toler-Wade never intended for Narcotic Wasteland to become his full-time gig. In any case, now that he’s publicly implied that he split with Nile on bad terms, everyone and their mother is gonna ask him about it. So don’t be shocked if the “other reasons” for him leaving the band don’t remain “undisclosed” for long.

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