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Dying Fetus and Iced Earth Announce New Albums, Release Cover Art, Do Not Release Singles

  • Axl Rosenberg

Dying Fetus and Iced Earth have both announced new albums. Neither announcement was accompanied by a new single because there’s always two chances to make a first impression, and besides, consumers don’t need to hear music to decide to buy a record anyway, right?

Dying Fetus’ Wrong One to Fuck With will begin irritating anti-choice activists and grammerians on June 23, courtesy of Relapse Records. Here’s the cover art…


…and here’s a trailer for the album, featuring twenty-six whole seconds of new music:

Meanwhile, Iced Earth’s Incorruptible will be out June 16. The cover art is below. They didn’t even bother to release twenty-six seconds of music, but they did launch pre-orders in the event you’re so sure you want this thing you’re willing to purchase it sound unheard.


I’ll let you know when Dying Fetus release an actual single and I’ll make Vince or an intern let you know when Iced Earth do the same.

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