Vattnet [Viskar] Sound Like Circa Survive Now


Rumors have been circulating for a little while now (at least in the hyper-bubble of NYC metal dickbags like me) that Vattnet Viskar, after shortening their name to simply Vattnet, had changed their sound up a bit.

I just was not expecting this drastic of a change!

That said, I quite like the band’s new direction if the recently released track “Dark Black” is any indication. The atmospheric black metal scene is very, very crowded these days, and Vattnet are probably wise to step away from the genre completely.

With vocalist/guitarist Nick Thornbury now out of the group and bassist Casey Aylward stepping in, the first thing fans of this band will notice is the different vocal approach: they’re mostly clean, kinda high-pitched, and a whole lot like Anthony Green of Circa Survive (ex-Saosin). Musically I’m getting serious Circa Survive vibes here as well: crunchy, overdriven guitars, lots of atmospherics, occasional prog-isms and lilting, generally catchy melodies.

Check out “Dark Black” below via Brooklyn Vegan. No new album has been announced yet, but presumably one will be soon enough. You can buy this track at Bandcamp.

[via The PRP]

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