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Hello, Satan! Venom Inc. Releases New Single


Venom Inc. have released “Avé Satanas,” the first track off their upcoming album, Avé, and it’s… something. It’s good, it’s thrashy, it’s Venom; it has a heavy, body-filling riff that makes me want to headbang with my whole being, powerful, demonic vocals juxtaposed against hammered, clear notes, and a guitar solo that just fucking rocks. But it feels really basic and extremely repetitive, which is a huge drawback for a song that’s seven minutes long. It lacks flavor, like a well constructed plate that just needs one little thing before it can go from good to great. The lyrical structure and vocals are incredibly simple, to the point of making “Avé Satanas” a perfect background song. There’s no fluctuation in tone, there’s very little variety musically, and it doesn’t even sound like the band had fun writing or recording this song. It just… exists. It is not exemplary, it isn’t unique. The difference in quality just between “Avé Satanas” and Avé‘s first single, “Dein Fleisch,” demonstrate that Venom Inc. can do better; “Dein” being a song that grooves and chugs along to a healthy, if odd, tune, whereas “Avé” feels slightly stale after the first few minutes.

Listen to”Avé Satanas” below. You can pre-order Avé here. It will be released on August 11 via Nuclear Blast.

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