Shit That Comes Out Today: July 14, 2017

  • Phil Boozeman

This has been an unbelievably shitty week. Not just for releases but also for my work outside of MS. I’ll spare you all the details because I know no one cares, but if this week had a Nickelback/Nicolas Cage split EP, then the releases would almost be as bad as the week I’ve had at my day job. Almost. I suppose that’s why we have metal, though. Drowning out the shitty parts of life with death growls and blast beats is a form of therapy that most people won’t ever experience or appreciate, but that’s fine. More music for us, right? Let’s go to the therapy:

enfolddarknessEnfold Darkness
Adversary Omnipotent (The Artisan Era)
On a playlist with Decrepit Birth, The Black Dahlia Murder and Arsis
Listen: Full album stream

Enfold Darkness take the cake for my favorite album this week, because they sound like the baby of Decrepit Birth and The Black Dahlia Murder. The last time these dudes released an album was in 2009, so the fact that we’re finally getting their second record eight years after the first is almost as impressive as this album is. The other impressive part about this album? It clocks in at a whopping sixty-seven minutes, with the final track taking up twenty of them. This is absolutely an album that you don’t want to pass up, and considering you can listen to the whole thing on YouTube, quit fucking around and get to it.

punk_goes_pop_volume_7Various Artists
Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7 (Fearless Records)
On a playlist with the less shitty versions of other terrible pop songs
Listen: “POP” (NSYNC cover by Villain of the Story)

Most of you know that I’m not particularly fond of metalcore bands and generally pay attention to them only when the music is exceptionally bad and I need to fill up some space with clever toilet metaphors to describe their music. The Punk Goes Pop series gets a pass, however. Even though most of these bands are horrible, the vast majority of the songs sound much better than the original garbage that gets played on the radio. And besides, it’s hard not to enjoy hearing a breakdown in the middle of an NSYNC song. But as good as these are, they’re not nearly as good as the Children of Bodom cover of “Oops I Did It Again!”.

Dead Reflection (Rise)
On a playlist with Senses Fail, Chiodos and Hawthorne Heights
Listen: “Mirror Box”

I never got into Silverstein. I didn’t listen to them in middle school, I didn’t listen to them in high school, I didn’t listen to them in college, and I don’t listen to them now. They’re not bad, but their style of music never really hooked me the way that Slipknot and Korn did when I was younger. Other than that, however, I figured that Silverstein broke up a long, long time ago, and was a little surprised to find out that they had an album coming out today. So, whatever, maybe someone a little more educated on Silverstein than I am can tell us all if this album is worth a listen in the comments.

Up In Arms (Metal Blade Records)
On a playlist with Terror, Agnostic Front and Body Count
Listen: “Up In Arms”

Bloodclot features members of Cro-Mags, Queens of the Stone Age, and Danzig. However, rather than the political message that the band is trying to convey, the first thing I could think of was how Up In Arms‘s title track was eerily similar to the truck chase music at the end of City Escape in Sonic Adventure 2. Other than the nostalgic video game music, Bloodclot have made some pretty good hardcore tunes that will have you two-stepping and throwing elbows in no time at all.

destroyeroflightDestroyer of Light
Chamber Of Horrors (Heavy Friends Records)
On a playlist with Electric Wizard, Sleep and Cathedral
Listen: “Into the Smoke”

Even if I hadn’t heard Destroyer of Light’s music, they would have earned the final spot on this week’s edition of STCOT solely from their music video. We’ve all been struggling on the floor before smoking a bowl and eating some pizza, and to be frank, this is the kind of music video that needs to be emulated. Also, take a moment to appreciate the fact that even though doom metal and pot go together better than PCP and stabbing yourself in the eyes, they went ahead and named a song “Into the Smoke” anyway. I am very excited for this album, and if you’re a self-respecting doom metal fan, then you should be, too.

Stones Picture Perfect (Cleopatra) listen
Bloody Hammers The Horrific Case Of Bloody Hammers (Napalm Records) listen
Boris Dear (Sargent House) listen
Burning Ground Last Day Of Light (Minotauro) listen 
Camorra Mourning, Resistance, Celebration (Arctic Rodeo) listen
Dayseeker Dreaming Is Sinking /// Waking Is Rising (Spinefarm) listen
Edguy Monuments (Nuclear Blast) listen
Ewigkeit Cosmic Man (Svart) listen
Evergreen Terrace Wolfbiker (Vinyl) (Metal Blade) listen
Execration Return To The Void (Metal Blade) listen
Expulsion Nightmare Future (Relapse) listen
Icaria Transcendent (Cardigan Records) listen
Integrity Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume (Relapse) listen
Kissin’ Dynamite Dynamite Nights (AFM) listen
Livid Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes (Prosthetic) listen
Mudvayne The End Of All Things To Come (15th Anniversary) (Vinyl) (SRCvinyl) listen
Paradise Lost One Second (Music For Nations) listen
Ulver Childhood’s End (Kscope) listen
Wren Auburn Rule (Holy Roar) listen
Wilderness Dream Paralysis Rise (Creator Destructor Records) listen

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