Watch: Dude Riffs Metallica on His Front Lawn for Passersby


If the phrase “It’s showtime!” strikes fear deep inside your heart, you’re not alone: I happen to quite enjoy the infamous NYC subway breakdancing performances, but I certainly get why you wouldn’t your coffee knocked out of your hand — or your teeth knocked out of your face — on your morning commute.

Steve Brown of Bridgwater, NJ decided to take matters into his own hands by giving an impromptu solo performance on his suburban front lawn last week. A Facebook video of his rendition of Metallica’s “Seek and Destroy” has amassed over four million views since being posted on July 16th, while a newer YouTube incarnation posted yesterday just cracked 100,000. He’s tight, too; dude can riff!

Here’s to Steve for providing a much needed service to the people! Let’s get this guy into New York City and serenading your morning subway ride, stat.

[via Loudwire]

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