Stand with Bandcamp for Trans Rights


Bandcamp is the coolest, man. We love it for being a great platform with an accessible interface that shares music in multiple formats, remains extremely kind to all of its artists, encourages people to support the music industry, and uses its platform to be supportive of its community.

Earlier this year, Bandcamp donated all of its share of sales for one day to the ACLU in support of immigrants and basic human values, a mission that came with wild success, and in the same spirit they are now launching a new campaign for trans rights with the Transgender Law Center.

Friday, August 4th, Bandcamp will be donating 100% of its share of all sales to the TLC, which works to change policy and culture surrounding the way transgender people live their lives. For the ACLU benefit, Bandcamp grossed over $1,000,000 in sales, which translated to $120,000 going directly to the fight for civil rights. Now, you can help us reach those heights while supporting a ton of your favorite artists and downloading music in the highest quality. You can find a list of a ton of Bandcamp’s metal library on MetalBandcamp.com.

Transgender people face a lot of discrimination in America, where more than half of our states have discriminatory laws aimed at them, and more states are drafting their own. Violence against transgender people occurs daily and goes unreported, and transgender people are labeled a burden by the fucking president. This is a time to show solidarity with our transgender friends and loved ones, and there is more you can do than just making donations; if you really consider yourself an ally, read this post from GLAAD. Be respectful of your trans friends, listen to transgender people and their struggles, prop up trans voices, don’t talk to over trans people, and if you see something, do something.

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