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The Black Dahlia Murder Take a Pro-Choice Stand on New Song “Matriarch”


We don’t generally think of The Black Dahlia Murder as a political band, but their new song, “Matriarch,” suggests that the band is in favor of a woman’s right to choose. How else to interpret these lyrics, all centered around a “panic stricken hapless mother fearful for her pregnancy”?

Tonight I’ll use this blade to get exactly what I want
The child within you incubating for nine hardshipped months

Alright, so, obviously, I’m making a very off-color joke. The song may be about tearing babies from wombs, but it has no real political subtext, other than maybe “Performing non-consensual surgery on someone is usually frowned upon.”

Somewhat more seriously, I do kinda wonder if this track was at all inspired by the 2007 French movie À l’intérieur (Inside), which is, in fact, about a pregnant woman trying to prevent an attacker from cut her opening and taking her due-any-second-now baby. It’s not that far fetched: the band already has a song inspired by Evil Dead, after all.

Check out “Matriarch” below. The Black Dahlia Murder’s new album, Nightbringers, comes comes out October 6 on Metal Blade, and can be pre-ordered here. The band begins a tour with Suffocation and Decrepit Birth that very same day; get dates here.

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