Shit That Comes Out Today: September 29, 2017

  • Phil Boozeman

Guess who’s on vacation this week? Phil Boozeman is. By the time this runs, I’ll have been wandering around New York City for almost a week. Rest assured that Axl, Vince and I will be personally discussing effective and efficient ways to guarantee that each and every one of you are pissed off each day because of something we write. This column will surely be discussed and I will be lobbying for my own firing. I know, I’m the hero you all need. And to start this process, I will be allowing my good pal Dan one line for each band because he’s letting me stay with him for a week. So uhh, yeah. Music.

kublaikhanKublai Khan
Nomad (Rise Records)
On a playlist with The Acacia Strain, Knocked Loose and The Last Ten Seconds of Life
Listen: “The Hammer”

I personally don’t understand the appeal but I have a lot of friends who get unnecessarily pissed off at things when they listen to this band, and it’s fucking hilarious COUGHKYLERCOUGH. I think they’re technically considered a metalcore band, and they’re not terrible with that in mind, but to me they have more of a hardcore sound. It’s just not my thing. Dan says this song falls flat on its face after they randomly yell “bitch.” Dan is correct.

The Apostate Of Light (Blood Harvest)
On a playlist with Behemoth, Tombs and Satyricon
Listen: “The Apostate of Light

Oculus get a mention this week mostly because I loved the horror movie of the same name. There aren’t really any other similarities between the two other than the name, though. Oculus’ brand of sludgy black metal wouldn’t really fit in on a movie about a demonic mirror, which is strange I guess because black metal should fit in with pretty much any horror movie. But I digress: if you’re into some of the darker, sludgier stuff, then you’ll probably like these guys a lot. Dan’s verdict: This is a band for people who like the combined pleasure of witchcraft and LSD.

Plains Of Decay (Dark Descent)
On a playlist with Immolation, Obituary, Slayer
Listen: “The Sun Has Risen In a land I No Longer See”

Necrovorous have a fucking badass name. I was expecting that to be the only awesome part about them but holy hell was I wrong. This is some straight up filthy death metal that will please any fan of the genre. I also think they were taking song naming lessons from Nile, but that’s beside the point. The point is that Necrovorous are fucking awesome and if you aren’t listening to them, well, I can’t really do anything threatening because this is the internet, but I can tell you that you suck. Dan’s verdict:”Hella.”

Nemethia (Unique Leader)
On a playlist with Obscura, Rings of Saturn, The Kennedy Veil
Listen: “Futile State”

Maybe I’m missing something with Arkaik, but the pacing of this song sounds the way it looks when you’re first learning how to use the gas pedal on a car. GO. STOP. GO. STOP. GO. STOP. All while your parents stress out and pray for their lives and wonder why they made the terrible mistake of letting you drive a car. The music itself is fine, but it just seems kind of clunky and I’m not really sure what Arkaik do that sets them apart from other bands in their genre. Dan’s verdict: “No strong feelings either way. Sort of like being reverse bisexual.”

greatamericanghostGreat American Ghost
Hatred Stems From The Seed (Good Fight Music)
On a playlist with Burnt by the Sun, Stray From the Path, Converge
Listen: “Ann Arbor (Be Safe)”

I’ll be real here, I’m running out of ideas for shit this week because I am not too familiar with a lot of these bands and a lot of the music that drops this week isn’t really my thing. As for Great American Ghost, I like the vocals a lot but I really don’t care for much else about these guys; I’m trying not to be too negative here since I know it isn’t my style of music, but man. I know Axl likes them a whole lot, though! Dan’s verdict: The imagery is cool, but the taste is flat. Like a soda. Vocals are good.

36 Crazyfists Lanterns (Spinefarm) listen
Bullet For My Valentine Live From Brixton: Chapter Two (N/A) listen
Horrified Allure Of The Fallen (Shadow Kingdom) listen
Ice War Ice War (Shadow Kingdom) listen
Idylls The Barn (Holy Roar) listen
Jag Panzer The Deviant Chord (Steamhammer/SPV) listen
Kadavar Rough Times (Nuclear Blast) listen
Loincloth Psalm Of The Morbid Whore (Vinyl) (Southern Lord) listen
Monolord Rust (RidingEasy Records) listen
Nocturnal Rites Phoenix (AFM Records) listen
Occasvs Nocturnal Majestic Mysteria (Unspeakable Axe) listen
Quicksand Manic Compression (Vinyl) (SRCvinyl) listen
Sharpnel Raised On Decay (Spinefarm/Candlelight) listen
Stone Temple Pilots Core (25th Anniversary Edition) (Rhino) listen
Testament Low (Vinyl) (Metal Blade) listen
Testament The Ritual (Vinyl) (Metal Blade) listen
Unsane Sterilize (Southern Lord) listen
White Zombie La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. I (Vinyl) (Music On Vinyl) listen

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