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Decapitated: Bail Set for Guitarist and Drummer


As previously reported, Decapitated members Wacław “Vogg” Kiełtyka (guitars) and Michał Łysejko (drums) made their first appearance in a Spokane, WA court yesterday. The Spokesman-Review now reports that during that appearance, Spokane Superior Court Judge Annette Plese set bail for each musician at $100,000, ordered them to surrender their passports to their attorneys, forbade any further communication for members of the band:

“Kieltyka’s attorney, Stephen Graham, said that restriction would be deemed inhumane by international law.

“‘If they are kept apart they, in essence, will be held in solitary confinement,’ Graham said. ‘Because they don’t speak English very well.’”

Both men, along with their bandmates Rafał “Rasta” Piotrowski (vocals) and Hubert Więcek (bass), have been formally charged with first-degree kidnapping and second- (Kiełtyka and Piotrowski) or third-degree rape (Łysejko and Więcek). In a statement released yesterday, all four members of the band maintained their innocence. Łysejko and Więcek will appear in court on Thursday, October 19.

You can see more photos from the court appearance at The Spokesman-Review.

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