There is a Dress Code for the Members of Megadeth


I’m sure many of us share youthful fantasies of being famous metal musicians. We’d stand in front of the mirror with our favorite album blasting in the background, playing air guitar and headbanging, dreaming of being in front of a crowd of thousands of people all cheering for us as we rocked their faces off in our mandated outfits. Or maybe we really let our imaginations run wild and decided that this particular show took place on Casual Friday so we could wear a slightly-more-comfortable mandated outfit. The point is, every metal fans desperately wants someone to tell him or her what to wear. In fact, metal fans like being told what to do regardless. We are decidedly compliant that way.

So I have no doubt that Megadeth fans across the globe will be elated to learn that, at least in more recent years, Dave Mustaine has imposed a dress code on the members of his band.

The revelation was made during our recent episode of our old pal Doc Coyle’s podcast, The Ex-Man. Doc asked Broderick about rumors of a Megadress code, which Broderick subsequently confirmed (transcript via The PRP):

“Yes, that’s true. He [Mustaine] wanted you to carry yourself a certain way… Well I mean all you have to do is look at my attire when I was in there… So I wore a button up shirt on stage 90% of the time, it would be different requirements like that.”

Broderick, who somewhat ironically is now in a band called Act of Defiance, went on to add that “It would be preferred” by Mustaine that band members not wear their long hair in a ponytail, either.

Look, at the end of the day, this is really no big whoop. Having to wear a button-down shirt in exchange for getting to play “Tornado of Souls” in front of a huge crowd every night for a few years before Mustaine throws you under the bus is a good trade. Besides, plenty of bands probably have dress codes. For example, I doubt Bret Michaels would just shrug it off if one night if C.C. DeVille took the stage in a baseball cap and jorts. I know Mustaine has long admired and hoped to be associated with bands like Poison, so this really makes sense.

You can listen to the entire podcast below. Then head to comments section to discuss what kinds of shoes would be most appropriate for Megadeth members. I’m leaning towards wingtips myself — they just scream “Countdown to Extinction.”

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