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Exclusive Track Premiere: Vitriol’s “Violence, A Worthy Truth”


The comedian Patton Oswalt once famously suggested that someone drop a “motivation bomb” on the population of Portland, OR; Oswalt, we can assume, was not familiar with Vitriol. The trio’s exceptionally barbarous brand of death metal flies in the face of all clichés about Portland being Hippy Dippy Granola Central, U.S.A. Proud successors to acts like Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Nile, and vintage Gojira, “relaxed” is not an adjective one could use to describe this band.

Which is fine by us, obviously! We made it about thirty seconds into Vitriol’s new EP, Pain Will Define Their Death, when we decided that we were crushed head over broken heels in love with the band. As evidenced by the track “Violence, A Worthy Truth” — which we’re thrilled to be debuting today — Vitriol’s music is not for the casual death metal fan (or the casual anything, really). “Intense” only just scratches the surface of the aural annihilation this band summons.

Says frontman Kyle Rasmussen of the track:

“Violence is the element that will always be found in any Vitriol song. Trivializing the human experience and shining a light on its frailty and natural cowardice… I truly believe that what we want to communicate and represent with our band is a universal truth to everyone. We’re trying to tap into something that everyone has inside of them.”

Do yourself a favor and tap into “Violence, A Worthy Truth” below. You should also check out the other two cuts from the EP, “Victim” and the title track, because they’re both every bit as brutal! Pain Will Define Their Death was recorded by the band and Derek Leisy at Audiosiege (Obituary, Full of Hell), mixed by Taylor Young (Nails, Xibalba), and mastered by Stephan Hawkes (Red Fang). Vitriol will self-release it for FREE this Friday, November 10 on their Bandcamp page! MARK IT IN YOUR CALENDAR SO YOU DON’T FORGET!!!

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