Russian Teen Reportedly Uses Novembers Doom Music in Murder/Suicide Video


A teenager who is part of an ongoing “game” involving murder slits his teacher’s throat before taking his own life with an electric saw. Sounds like lyrics from the latest Cannibal Corpse album, right?

Unfortunately, this particular is not simply the product of someone’s fucked-up imagination: UNILAD reports that a Russian teenager named Andrey Emelyannikov recently committed this horrific act, killing his teacher, Sergei Danilov, before committing suicide. The story is made that much more terrifying by the fact that Danilov, age 44, was a father of three, and Emelyannikov was apparently a participant in a “sick social media death-game” called “Blue Whale,” which “involves players completing 50 tasks, which include disturbing acts such as watching horror movies and self-harming, before working their way through to the final task, which involves them committing suicide in some way.”

So why are we writing about this extremely fucked-up incident on our metal blog?

“It’s reported [Emelyannikov] also posted a song called November’s Doom – along with pictures of the dead teacher.”

Despite the misspelling of their name and the fact that they don’t have a song title which shares their band moniker, it seems clear that music Emelyannikov utilized was, in fact, that of Chicago’s Novembers Doom. The Russian adolescent committed this heinous act on November 1, and had apparently been planning it for some time, using the date as a hashtag in social media posts leading up to the murder/suicide. In other words, Emelyannikov clearly chose the band because he saw some significant connection between the time he planned to kill his teacher and the name of the group.

You can read UNILAD’s entire report here. Be forewarned: it includes some extremely disturbing images.

Thanks: E.V.V.

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