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Trailer: Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe Appears in Chthonic’s New Film


chthonic filmAlmost exactly three years ago Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe traveled to Taiwan to film a guest appearance in a movie being made by Taiwanese metal band Chthonic. At the time Blythe described the film as “a comedy with lots of action & knowing Chthonic, a bit of politics.” Sounds fun!

Three years later that film is finally coming out. The film is called Tshiong, seems to feature a lot of people screaming and growling that phrase (which sort of explains Blythe’s relevance!), and Chthonic have just posted a trailer on their Instagram account that features Blythe and another vocalist in the band Manic Sheep who might or might not be named Watermelon, according to Google Translate.

Blythe’s appearance here is short and sweet — we presume he’s got more of a role in the full film — and the movie certainly seems entertaining… but perhaps a reader of ours who understands Chinese can tell us a bit more about the plot.

Watch the trailer below. Our Taiwanese readers will be able to see the film when it comes out on December 29th, and anyone can keep up with the film on Facebook (in Chinese).

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