Fox News Used a Power Trip Song, and the Band is NOT Happy!


I don’t know the fellas in Power Trip personally, but if I had to guess I certainly wouldn’t peg them as Fox News types.

That assumption proved correct as the band was none too thrilled when their song “Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe)” was played on the Fox News show The Five yesterday, December 6th. Some fans made the band aware of the segment via Twitter, and the band responded exactly the way you’d expect them to:

How such a placement could’ve come to pass without the band’s permission is anyone’s guess, but it’s certainly not too difficult to imagine: with all the various people along the chain of command for a band of Power Trip’s size (manager, label staff, publishers, etc), perhaps this one somehow just fell through the cracks. It also might be the case that permission isn’t needed for a placement like this: Fox may have a blanket deal with a publisher and simply pays royalties for whatever they use. I’m honestly not sure; publishing is one area of the music business I don’t fully understand.

Nevertheless, it’s good to know Power Trip aren’t about it. Maybe they’ll donate that royalty check to the ACLU or something.

[via The PRP]

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