Power Metal and Black Metal Top Spotify’s “Emerging Genres” Chart for 2017


If you’ve been on social media this week you’ve no doubt seen your friends posting screen shots of “Your 2017 Wrapped,” personalized charts showing what they listened to the most on Spotify over the past year. You can get in on the fun by visiting 2017wrapped.com and signing in with your Spotify account. The results might surprise you… or not! My most streamed artist, for example, was Raffi. Sigh. What can I say? My two year old Maximus loves the stuff.

Spotify also published a series of charts showing the top artists, albums and songs of 2017 across the entire service for all to see. Most of the results aren’t too surprising — Ed Sheeran, The Weekend, Drake, etc. — but this particular chart should cause metalheads to raise an eyebrow:

Emerging 2017 Genres
1. Melodic Power Metal
2. Chaotic Black Metal
3. Chillhop
4. Trap Latino
5. Future Funk
6. Jumpstyle
7. Serialism
8. Cinematic Dubstep
9. Vintage Swoon
10. Gamecore

We’re not exactly sure what qualifies a genre as “emerging” — perhaps a certain percentage threshold of growth from year to year — but, um… what? It could simply be the case that fans of those genres started flocking to the service for the first time en masse in 2017, or maybe we really are on the cusp of a great power metal renaissance. Who knows! And that’s to say nothing about what in the actual fuck “chaotic” black metal even is. Like, huh?

You can take a look at the rest of the 2017 charts over at Metal Insider.

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