Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland on Staind’s Aaron Lewis: “I Wish Nothing but the Worst for Him”


Given that he’s walking and talking and all that stuff, we can safely assume that Aaron Lewis has a brain cell. But I’d wager it’s getting pretty lonely without any company in his noggin.

So even though I’m not exactly a Wes Borland fan, I LOL’d hard at this Borland quote from a recent episode of the Talk Toomey Podcast:

“Aaron Lewis also came up to me in an airport randomly, I happened to be going back… I was visiting my parents in Jacksonville, and flying back to L.A.. And he’s like ‘Where ya headed?’, I just happened to run into him and hadn’t seen him in awhile.

“He goes ‘Where ya headed?’ And I went ‘I’m going home.’ And he goes ‘Home?’ and I went ‘Yeah I just visited my parents, I’m going back home to L.A.’. And for the record I’ve lived in L.A. longer than any other city in my life. He goes… Aaron looks at me and he kind of turns his chin up and goes ‘Nah man, remember where you came from, Florida is your home, not L.A.. That’s home.”

“And I just went ‘Fuck you man.’ And I never talked to him again after that.”

Borland continued (and this is the truly funny part):

“That guy is such a dickhead. So full of himself, such a dickhead, I wish nothing but the worst for him. Amen. I could not believe the audacity, and just like pretentiousness—especially for someone that acts like they’re like a country boy now and they’re from Illinois. Anyway, digusting person. No thanks, peace.”

“…I don’t want be a shit talker. But I have no problem talking shit about that guy, he’s terrible.”

Now, remember, Borland makes his living putting up with Fred Durst. So for him to so thoroughly loathe Lewis really does not speak well of the Staind frontman. It’s like Pol Pot’s right hand criticizing someone for being too extreme. I’d call it a sign that Lewis needs to some real soul searching with regards to who he is as a person, but I doubt Lewis can even spell “soul searching,” so that’s probably not gonna happen.

[via The PRP]

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