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Axl Rose Calls the Trump Administration the “Gold Standard of What Can Be Considered Disgraceful”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Having made a fortune to rival the Roman Empire, Guns N’ Roses are now enjoying a well-deserved break from the road before resuming their reunion tour in Europe this summer. This being the case, Axl Rose has some free time on his hands… and he’s chosen to use some of that free time to remind his 1.1 million Twitter followers that Donald Trump is a putz. In case anyone needed reminding.

If you haven’t heard: earlier today, Sarah Sanders, White House press secretary and current Keeping a Straight Face Champion of the world, called suggestions that President Trump might be mentally unfit for his office “disgraceful and laughable.”

In turn, the GN’R frontman tweeted the following:

Man, remember the old days, when Rose would get pissy about movie stars and magazine editors? Now he directs 100% of his rage at the Trump administration (in addition to initiating the on-stage destruction of a Trump piñata, the singer has previously slammed both Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions). It’s delightful. It backs up my theory that Rose has been replaced with a pod person, but it’s still delightful.

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