Allegaeon Cover Rush’s “Animate”


Look, I don’t like Rush. It’s nothing against them specifically, I just don’t think they’re very interesting and the music doesn’t make me feel anything; when I try to listen all I can muster is a passive acknowledgment of their existence. So it’s difficult to care much for Allegaeon’s new cover of “Animate,” because while the rendition offers a fine performance, it doesn’t do anything new or interesting.

According to guitarist Greg Burgess, it was impossible for the band to make a decision as to which Rush song they would cover on their most recent album Proponent of Sentience, “Subdivisions” or “Animate.” Turns out they did both, deciding to stick with the former for the official release in 2016, and then coming back with “Animate” later on. Here we are “later on,” featuring not only the new single but an homage to the cover art for the album as well, tying it together with Allegaeon’s adoration for the Canadian prog heroes.

Both covers do a good job of keeping the vibe of the original songs while maintaining Allegaeon’s sound, but they’re way too similar to the originals for me. Almost indistinguishable, in fact, which very well could be the point, but where’s the fun in that? It’s more interesting to take pieces from songs that you enjoy and to take over, to witness those glorious moments and to make them yours. To just play the song is simple, but to improve on one is powerful.

Check out Allegaeon’s cover of “Animate” below.

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