King 810’s “Killem All” Video Restored to YouTube


Yesterday, we learned that YouTube had pulled King 810’s video for the song “Killem All” from its service, citing it as an example of hate speech. Understandably, the incident, which K810 vocalist David Gunn categorized as a “tragedy,” caused as much, if not more, panic as the recent erroneous missile launch warning in Hawaii.

But everyone can breathe a little easier now because, THANK CHRIST IN HEAVEN ABOVE, YouTube has seen the error of its ways. Says Gunn:

“The authoritarians at YouTube have put our ‘Killem All’ video back up with an age restriction. We all know the science doesn’t support this as an effective solution and you have to wonder if this would’ve went another way had we not the influence or means we do. Either way this is all we can ask for. Thanks y’all.”

I agree that the video should be on YouTube, since a) it’s not “hate speech,” it’s “violent speech,” and b) bullshit seems pretty selective with regards to what “hate speech” it chooses to care about. I also agree that the age restriction probably won’t stop many kids from seeing the video if they so choose. I don’t know if “the science doesn’t support this as an effective solution.” I mean, I can’t find any studies on the subject. I suspect it would be hard to get a grant to even conduct such an experiment. It’s too low-stakes of a topic. It’s not like abstinence or whatever.

I guess I don’t have much of an overrall point. I just think it’s funny that the dude from King 810 tried to make himself appear all intellectual n’ stuff, and then did it wrong.

[via The PRP]

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