The Absence Vow to Finally Fulfill 2013 Crowdfunding Campaign Orders


Update, 1/31, 11:34 a.m.: The band has now released a second statement, which you can read below. The original story follows.

“I think there was a little misunderstanding with the original post. When we started this crowd fund campaign into 2013, there were multiple levels of perks based on how much was given- shirts, handwritten lyrics sheets, etc. as well as getting a signed copy of the CD and an advanced digital copy. Other than the album being released, all other perks have been satisfied, and sent out. 
“In one way or another, all of the things involved in writing & recording a record can take a massive amount of time & money to achieve. It wasn’t only us losing members itself, before their departure, we had different ideas of what the band should have sounded like. These types of things happen a lot with any band’s writing, but there was a real conflict on which direction the band should take- most of us wanted to keep on playing fast, brutal, and melodic death metal, others wanted to take the band in a more contemporary, mainstream direction. Ultimately we could not find a middle ground, which led to the inevitable departure of those unsatisfied. Honestly, that is the major reason why this album has taken so long to write and release. When these former members left, we obtained new members which reinvigorated the band as a whole, this commencing the writing and recording process”

It’s been a very, very long wait, but a new album from The Absence is finally on the way: the Floridian melodeath project will release A Gift for the Obsessed on March 23rd via M-Theory Audio. In fact, MetalSucks, who have been in love with the band for-ev-er, was honored to debut the title track a couple of weeks ago. Especially since, to no one’s surprise, the song rocks harder than a baby cradle in a hurricane.

We understand the single’s release may have been somewhat bittersweet for some fans, though. See, as you may or may not recall, in 2013, the group embarked upon a tragically-unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign to produce new music. Unfortunately, not only did the band not reach their goal, but fans who had been gracious enough to donate money never received their perks, either.

But fret not! The Absence are not deadbeat assholes. In a new Facebook posting, the band promises that they are at last going to fulfill those orders:


“Now that we finally have a release date set, there’s the issue of our Indiegogo from 2013- we plan on honoring and fulfilling all of these orders!! Since it’s been quite a few years in the making, and since we’ve lost some members of the team along the way, here’s what we’re going to need from you, the donators:

“Name & proof of donation
(PayPal, email, etc)
Emailed to:
[email protected]

“Once we get everyone’s info, we can finally get all of these orders filled!

“We apologize for the delay, and thank you for your patience and support!!! We are more than happy to make this right!!!

The Absence-
Jamie, Jeramie, Taylor, Mike, and Joey”

IMO, this makes The Absence the classiest thing to emerge from the Sunshine State since… uh… well, ever, probably. Good for them.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to pre-order A Gift for the Obsessed, ’cause it’s awesome. You can do so here.

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