Synthwave Premiere: Master Boot Record (ft. Öxxö Xööx of Igorrr), “DMA 3 LPT1 ECP MODE”


Master Boot Record - Direct Memory AccessMaster Boot Record is one of the most overtly metal-sounding synthwave artists going right now, one of the reasons we’re such big fans. Take a listen to his brand new track below and you’ll hear it right away — arpeggiated keyboard leads, lock-step drum and guitar chugs and a general sense of darkness and intrigue. Oh, and get this: actual screaming vocals! Those come courtesy of Öxxö Xööx, a French solo artist who also sings for Igorrr, who guests on this track.

Master Boot Record’s latest jam is called “DMA 3 LPT1 ECP MODE” and comes from his forthcoming album Direct Memory Access. Here’s how he explains the track:

“Once 100% Synthesized and 100% dehumanized, a spark of humanity joins during this new chapter in the form of Öxxö Xööx. Ancient hardware devices are connected to DMA 3 LPT1 ECP MODE while the sound of dot matrix printers and floppy disk drives joins human cryptolanguage and tunes generated by sound chips chasing paths made of baroque classical patterns and heavily synthesized heavy metal.

“Direct Memory Access is a method to transfer data from a device directly to the main system memory (RAM) bypassing the CPU. A new spellware programmed to bypass the firewall of conformity. Engraved  on its hardware are the symbols for this new ritual. Ciphered is the message. For all knowing is forbidden and all things must be encrypted.”


Sounds about right!

Direct Memory Access comes out on April 20th via Blood Music and can be pre-ordered here. Check out “DMA 3 LPT1 ECP MODE” exclusively via MetalSucks below.

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