Shit That Comes Out Today: February 16, 2018

  • Phil Boozeman

GUESS WHO FORGOT TO FINISH THEIR COLUMN LAST NIGHT AND IS NOW PANIC WRITING AT 6:30 AM TO MEET DEADLINES!? Did you guess me? Of course you did. Other than dropping the ball on my deadline, I’ve had a killer fucking week. Nothing in particular triggered it, but I think the winter cloud is finally starting to fuck off, at least here in the Midwest anyway. I’m going to see my dudes in Bardock tonight, who somehow got booked on an indie show, and I have to say that I’m very much looking forward to crowd killing a bunch of hipsters. And by the way, yes, I double checked and all of these are actual albums this week.

harakiri-for-the-sky-arsonHarakiri For The Sky
Arson (AOP Records)
On a playlist with Heretoir, Karg and Numenorean
Listen: “You Are The Scars”

Harakiri For The Sky are a band that I have heard a ton about, yet I have never gotten around to listening to. Fortunately, I write this column every week so I’m exposed to a lot of new music whether I like it or not. Sometimes that pays off (this band) and sometimes it doesn’t (Sworn In and Cane Hill). That being said, I will 100% be listening to more of these guys. They definitely have a sound that’s unique, as far as all the deathcore and melodic death metal I listen to goes, and I’ve found myself growing a lot more fond of the softer, more emotional metal, such as what we have with “You Are The Scars”. If you have never checked this band out, change that right the hell now.

extinction-ad-decimation-treatyExintction A.D.
Decimation Treaty (Good Fight Music)
On a playlist with Exmortus, Burn Halo and Black Fast
Listen: “Secret Worlds”

Is it weird that this week a thrash band is the heaviest thing on here? Maybe not for some of you, but that’s definitely not normal for me. Not that it’s a bad thing! I feel like every week could use more angry political rants and beer drinking. Anyway, Extinction A.D. are the band that I would probably hire if Sega decided to make a thrash Sonic The Hedgehog game. They have just enough melody to make that work, and the thrash genre on it own is pretty conducive to anything at a frantic pace. Feel free to argue with me about that in the comments. I’m sure that will piss at least some of you off.

Legends (M-Theory Audio)
On a playlist with Dragonforce, Angra and Dream Theater
Listen: “Beyond the Cold”

If you blindfolded me, put a gun to my head, played “Beyond the Cold” and then asked me what band this was, there is a 200% chance I would’ve thought this was a new DragonForce album. That sentence should tell you pretty much all you need to know about Novareign. If you need music to fly through space, conquer planet and bang alien women to, then look no further because Novareign are here to help you out. Good luck thrusting to the rhythm of the songs though.

theplotinyouThe Plot in You
Dispose (Fearless Records)
On a playlist with Like Moths To Flames, Fit For A King and Miss May I
Listen: “Disposable Fix”

I have no idea what I was expecting with The Plot in You. I was under the impression that this band was heavy, only to find out that they’re a metalcore band who apparently has decided to write softer music this time around on the newest album. As far as metalcore goes, it isn’t that bad, but I can still think of a million other things I would rather listen to. Sorry, everyone. Boozeman fucked up. Feel free to pass on this one. They’re only getting covered because of name recognition.

visionsofatlantisVisions of Atlantis
The Deep & The Dark (Napalm Records)
On a playlist with Serenity , Edenbridge and Epica
Listen: “Return to Lemuria”

I decided to cover Visions of Atlantis not because I’m crazy about powermetal, although the music itself isn’t terrible, but rather I decided to cover this because I think this video for “Return to Lemuria” might be one of the cheesiest things I’ve seen in my metal journalism writing blogging career. Although the idea of two singing portraits next to lyrics might have seemed like a good idea at the time, I’d imagine that pale, singing portraits are exactly what I would see if I would have tripped acid at my grandparents house when I was 7. Except instead of musicians it would be a bunch of dead family members I never met.

American Nightmare
American Nightmare (Rise Records) listen
Angra Ømni (earMUSIC) listen
Asenblut Legenden (AFM) listen
Ataraxy Where All Hope Fades (Dark Descent) listen
Barren Womb Old Money / New Lows (Spartan Records) listen
Ektomorf Fury (AFM Records) listen
Escape The Fate I Am Human (Eleven Seven Music) listen
Eyes Set To Kill Eyes Set To Kill (Century Media) listen
Feed The Rhino The Silence (Century Media) listen
For The Fallen Dreams Six (Rise Records) listen
Heavatar Opus II: The Annihilation (earMusic) listen
Horizon Ablaze The Weight of a Thousand Suns (Leviathan) listen
Letters From the Colony Vignette (Nuclear Blast) listen
Loathe/Holding Absence This Is As One (SharpTone Records) listen
Melted Space Darkening Light (Sensory) listen
Noose Rot The Creeping Unknown (Sentient Ruin) listen
Painted Doll Painted Doll (Tee Pee) listen
Pianos Become the Teeth Wait for Love (Epitaph) listen
Pop Evil Pop Evil (eOne Music) listen
Sainted Sinners Back With A Vengeance (El Puerto) listen
Senses Fail If There Is Light, It Will Find You (Pure Noise) listen
Windhand/Satan’s Satyrs Split (Relapse) listen

Arch Enemy
Arch Enemy 1996 – 2017 (Vinyl) (Century Media) listen
Deathcult Cult Of The Goat (Vinyl) (Soulseller) listen
Jinjer Cloud Factory (Reissue) (Napalm Records) listen
Lurker Of Chalice Lurker Of Chalice (Vinyl) (Nuclear War Now) listen
Perverted Ceremony Perverted Ceremony (Nuclear War Now) listen
Perverted Ceremony Sabbat Of Behezael (Nuclear War Now) listen


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