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Periphery’s Misha Mansoor and Jake Bowen are Working on Music for Side Project Four Seconds Ago


I stay pretty up to date on all things Periphery-related, but the dudes in that band are ALWAYS busy with something new, so just to make sure I didn’t blow it and completely miss out on Misha Mansoor and Jake Bowen’s side project Four Seconds Ago I did a quick Google search before writing up this article. The top results were this track posted on YouTube in 2010 (which possibly pre-dates even that) and a MySpace page for the band from who knows when. Yeah, didn’t miss anything, I think I’m good!

This much is certain: Mansoor and Bowen are in the midst of reactivating the long-dormant project, which straddles the line between electronica and ambient music. Both ‘Riffery axemen have been posting videos on their Instagram accounts of the two working together in the studio over the last several days with the hashtag #foursecondsago and some teases of the music they’re writing, with Bowen offering:

“The last few days I’ve been making some pretty sizable beats, phat beats if you will, with my man @mishaperiphery for our @4sexago project. What is your opinion on that? This being the internet and all. Drink more water, it’s good for you.”

Check out some of the samples they’ve posted below. Sounds like a mix between Portishead and Zedd and it definitely has traces of Bowen’s own solo project in it. Not sure if Misha’s “summer jam” comment in one of the posts was meant to hint at a release date or simply the musical nature of the track playing in the background, but we’ll find out soon enough… and either way, very stoked to hear this whenever it does finally come out.

Yeah the @moogsynthesizers Minitaur and the @dsisequential Prophet 6 sound unreal together. @jakeperiphery @4sexago #foursecondsago

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Hyping up the new summer jam with @jakeperiphery @4sexago #foursecondsago

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@4sexago @jakeperiphery

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