Shit That Comes Out Today: March 9, 2018

  • Phil Boozeman

Although the show was last Friday, I would like to use this intro to extend the most metal of shout outs to Thy Antichrist. This band is unbeleivably evil down to the bone, from their music to their stage appearance. Vocalist Andres Vargas puts more time and energy into his corpse paint than any other musician I have seen, and the end result is him not looking even remotely human. But that’s not even scratching the surface with these guys. After having the chance to spend some time back stage with them, they’re all super nice dudes. Thy Antichrist put on the kind of show that would stop the heart of a suburban Christian mom faster than you can say ‘Hail Satan,’ and we here at MetalSucks love them for it. 

Shit That Comes Out Today: March 9, 2018Between The Buried And Me
Automata I (Sumerian)
On a playlist with Periphery, The Contortionist and Leprous
Listen: “Condemned To The Gallows”

Thank whatever deity you believe in becuase without Automata, this week would absolutely suck as far as releases go. Automata is part I of a double album that is significantly heavier than the prog metal giants’ previous record, Coma Ecliptic. If you didn’t like how soft that one was, give this record a spin and I bet you’ll like it. Forewarning though, it’s only 35 minutes long, which by BTBAM standards is an EP. Nonetheless, this album kills and any self-respecting BTBAM fan should pick it up. For a more in-depth look, you can read my review.

Shit That Comes Out Today: March 9, 2018Judas Priest
On a playlist withIron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne and Motörhead
Listen: “Firepower”

At this point in their career, Judas Priest are certainly not getting better. However, that doesn’t mean they’re getting worse. Essentially, Priest are just a legacy band who are capable of still churning out decent albums for their fans who have been on the boat since the band’s inception. For anyone who isn’t a hardcore Judas Priest fan, I can’t imagine you’d be super excited about this album, but hey, it’s still Judas Priest and at the end of the day, Firepower isn’t a bad album, it just isn’t particularly memorable. But if you want to just keep spinning Painkiller, then no one would blame you.

Shit That Comes Out Today: March 9, 2018Twitching Tongues
Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred
(Metal Blade/Closed Casket Activities)
On a playlist with Harm’s Way, Forced Order and God’s Hate
Listen: “Harakiri”

At first I was really excited because I thought “Hell yeah, another new album from Twitching Tongues,” but then I remembered I was thinking of Black Tongue and got sad since their last album came out in 2015. So here I am wondering why people like Twitching Tongues. I’m sure they have a decent fanbase, but to me it just sounds like the couldn’t decide whether or not they wanted to be a hardcore band or a southern groove band. So I don’t know. Like I said, I’m sure plenty of people like these dudes, but it’s a pass for me.

Shit That Comes Out Today: March 9, 2018Ministry
AmeriKKKant (Nuclear Blast Records)
On a playlist with Skinny Puppy, KMFDM and Revolting Cocks
Listen: “Antifa”

I wasn’t sure if the music video for “Antifa” is serious or not because it is easily one of the dumbest that I have ever seen. The music leaves a lot to be desired too. I’m not sure what else I expected though. My other option for Ministry was the song “Twilight Zone,” but that’s an 8-minute ordeal that is one of the most boring songs I have ever listened to. So with that being said, do people even like Ministry anymore? Does ANYONE care that Joey Jordison and Burton Seabell are in their touring band? I’ll take a wild guess here and say that the answer is no.

Shit That Comes Out Today: March 9, 2018Three Days Grace
Outsider (RCA)
On a playlist with “Fuck you, mom,” your first middle school party and the two seconds of sex you had while losing your virginity
Listen: “I Am An Outsider”

At long last, the day has finally come. I FINALLY get to shit all over a Three Days Grace album for MetalSucks! I know they aren’t metal, but this one is for me, not for you guys. That being said, I’m going to guess what the “I Am An Outsider” will sound like before I listen to it. I’d imagine it has riffs with all the creativity of a sloth on Xanax, the vocal tone of a guy having something inserted into both his urethra AND anus, and lyrics that sound like they were written buy a preppy 8th grader who wore an Abercrombie shirt into Hot Topic, then came out with a band shirt and decided he liked his new look more. So let’s see, am I right? Drum roll please……… yep, I’m right.

It Will Come To You (Artoffact Records) listen
Bloodred Hourglass 
Heal (INgrooves) listen
Crippled Black Phoenix Horrific Honorifics listen
Darkness Divided The End Of It All (N/A) listen
Dorothy 28 Days In The Valley (Roc Nation) listen
Drudkh Їмчасто сниться капіж listen
Eryn Non Dae Abandon Of The Self (Debemur Morti Productions) listen
Killer Boogie Acid Cream (Heavy Psych Sounds) listen
Krosis Solem Vatem (Unique Leader) listen
Nevermore The Complete Collection (Century Media) listen
Of Feather And Bone Bestial Hymns Of Perversion (Profound Lore) listen
Ritualz Doom (Artoffact Records) listen
Strychnia Into The Catacombs (N/A) listen
Suicidal Tendencies Get Your Fight On! (N/A) listen
Tax The Heat Change Your Position (Nuclear Blast) listen
Turbowolf The Free Life (Self) listen
Too Pure To Die Only The True Remain (N/A) listen

A Perfect Circle 
Disillusioned (Vinyl) (10″) (BMG) listen
Arch Enemy Arch Enemy 1996 – 2017 (Vinyl) (Century Media) listen
Fireburn Shine (7″) (Closed Casket Activities) listen
Havok Burn (Reissue) (Spinefarm) listen
Havok Time Is Up (Reissue) (Spinefarm) listen
Kreator Cause For Conflict (Deluxe Edition) (Noise Records) listen
Kreator Outcast (Deluxe Edition) (Noise Records) listen

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