WSOU Picks of the Week: Exmortus, Bullet for My Valentine, Homewrecker


Seton Hall University’s WSOU radio is the only all-metal, all-the-time station currently broadcasting in the US, and has been a force in metal for DECADES. It’s also streamable online from anywhere in the world! Each week, the staff of WSOU shares their picks for the heaviest of the heavy, as well as the station’s charts for that week, right here on MetalSucks. Enjoy:

Exmortus – “Make Haste” (Dylan G.)

Has a song ever had you at first “BLEGH”? Neo-classical thrashers have another face-ripping album approaching with The Sound of Steel and Make Haste is a solid taste of the album to come. It’s been a two years since their last album and I still haven’t gotten “For the Horde” out of my head. Hopefully this new album can give me a new anthem to pillage to. “Make Haste” is certainly a contender.

Homewrecker – “Fade To Oblivion” (Garren L.)

Recently, there has been a string of releases from bands calling back to the early years of death metal; some of these bands include Gruesome, Necrot and Genocide Pact. However, this revival is not just limited to death metal bands. Ohio hardcore upstarts  Homewrecker are also getting into the act with their new track, “Fade to Oblivion.” Although the band retains its hardcore aggression, it’s now been merged with death metal riffage reminiscent of Bolt Thrower and Obituary. Although they may not be the first band to do this and probably won’t be the last, their blend of hardcore and death metal is one of my favorites.

Bullet For My Valentine – “Over It” (Nick P.)

Twenty years ago, Jeff Killed John, and now he’s Over It. Bullet For My Valentine’s new single, “Over It,” has the potential to become a live staple along with “Scream Aim Fire” and “Tears Don’t Fall.” It has a powerful, rhythmic backbone that highlights Matthew Tuck’s vocals with screams ripping through the cleans to keep everything interesting, finished off with a chorus so catchy, your dog won’t be able to forget it. Not to mention the build-up to the breakdown nearly had me opening a pit in my dorm room with my imaginary friends. My roommate thinks I’m so cool.

WSOU Picks of the Week: Exmortus, Bullet for My Valentine, Homewrecker

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