God DAMN, Wreath of Tongues


God DAMN, Wreath of Tongues

Hopefully, regular MS readers remember NYC’s own Wreath of Tongues from when we premiered their debutOut with the Good, last summer. Regardless of whether or not you’re already hip to these dudes, though, you absolutely must check out their new pipe bomb of a 45, Like Rats.

You want angry? Like Rats is fucking FURIOUS. Wreath of Tongues make music like sound owes them money: they break its fucking kneecaps. Being tied by the ankles to the back of a car racing in the Indy 500 would be a more tender experience; Godzilla with a bad case of acid reflux would feel safer to be around. My biggest complaint about Like Rats is that it’s just two songs in length. I want MORE from Wreath of Tongues, and I want it yesterday.

Do yourself a favor and listen to Like Rats below, courtesy of Metal Injection. You should head over there because they’ve also got some detailed statements from the band regarding each cut of the release.

Like Rats comes out this Friday, April 13 (which is certainly appropriate). Pre-order it here!

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