Check Out Orange Goblin’s Ghastly New Track


In anticipation of their upcoming album, The Wolf Bites Back, British rockers Orange Goblin have released the opening track, “Sons of Salem.” If you couldn’t guess, the song digs into the aftermath of every edgy teen’s favorite historical event: the Salem witch trials.

Vocalist Ben Ward states, “The lyrics are about the sons of the Salem witches returning from the grave to seek vengeance on the religious fools that murdered their mothers during the witch trials.” The lust for retribution in “Sons of Salem” is unmistakeable: I see a bunch of corpses crawling out of their graves to form some sort of anarchic zombie army. Badass.

This song is catchy as hell. It’s angry and blunt — you won’t be overloaded with technical fuckery or long-windednes. There’s a menacing energy throughout, driving forward to keep the spirit of the lyrics alive. “We consider it an Orange Goblin anthem,” Ward commented. “We see this song being a staple of the live set with the singalong chorus and the awesome, catchy riff. A mean and moody intro to the album that sets the tone throughout, it’s short, sweet and straight to the point.”

Since everyone in the entire world has three whole minutes to spare, every single one of you should take a break from the mundanities of life and check out “Sons of Salem” below. The Wolf Bites Back is set to be released June 15th, so preorder that here while you’re at it.

[via Lambgoat]

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