Paging YouTube User “The Ultimate Nerd” Who Did a Vocal Cover of Sevendust’s “Thank You.” Get in Touch with MetalSucks!


Hello, hello, hello… The Ultimate Nerd, are you out there?

MetalSucks recently shot a video with Sevendust vocalist Lajon Witherspoon in which we sat metal’s friendliest human down in front of a laptop and played him a bunch of Sevendust vocal covers on YouTube. Lajon had a BLAST watching them all, including your amazing cover of “Thank You,” and we’ll be releasing that video very soon. You can see a photo from the shoot above so you know we’re not pulling your leg.

This is where you come in, The Ultimate Nerd: we would really love you to film yourself watching Lajon watch your video! We’d include your reaction in the final video piece we release. How cool would that be?

The only problem is that we haven’t been able to track you down! So, The Ultimate Nerd, if you’re out there — or if anyone reading this knows her — please get in touch with us! Email us at news@metalsucks.net or contact us on Facebook. We’ll be waiting!


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