Follow Decrepit Birth’s Samus Paulicelli as He Writes and Records a Song in Under an Hour


If there’s a silly idea for a challenge, the Internet will think of it sooner or later. But the idea of writing and recording a song in an hour or less is much less irritating than planking and far safer than eating a Tide Pod. It’s very much like climbing a mountain: you probably don’t “need” to do it, but as of an exercise, it’s impressive.

Decrepit Birth drummer and YouTube sex symbol Samus “66Samus” Paulicelli recently decided to put himself to just such a test; in fact, in an effort to one-up someone else, he only gave himself fifty-six minutes to write and record his song. You should check out the sixteen-minute-plus video detailing Samus’ adventure below.  ‘Cause y’know what? The track came out really well! All it’s missing is a Tony Foresta vocal performance. Plus, the lyrics will definitely make you swoon. So watch it with a consenting sexual partner.

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