Metal Radio Station WSOU has Started Playing Slayer Again!


Seton Hall University’s radio station WSOU has been a bastion of metal programming for decades. Now available to stream over the internet anywhere in the world, the station has served as a lifeline for metalheads in the New York and New Jersey area since your MetalSucks co-founders were wee ones. To say this site wouldn’t exist if not for WSOU and the music the station introduced us to over the airwaves in our formative music listening years is no exaggeration. Partnering with them on our weekly WSOU Picks of the Week feature has been a true delight.

There’s always been one little quirk, though: due to the university’s Catholic identity, certain artists and certain songs were off limits. WSOU listeners of a particular vintage may recall when the station’s DJs were required to say “Lamb of G” and “G Forbid” instead of those full bands’ names when announcing their tracks on-air. As the world has gotten more progressive, so too has the station, and another barrier has just fallen by the wayside:


In 2001 Slayer was taken out of rotation on WSOU in a blanket music library cleanse by the station’s management. WSOU’s 2017-2018 student management board has now decided to add a select number of appropriate Slayer songs back into their music library, much to the delight of Slayer fans in New Jersey, New York and the world over. HURRAY!

Stream WSOU right here to get your fix of Slayer and hundreds of other metal artists spanning the spectrum from light to dark and everything in between.

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