Video: Captured! by Robots‘ Drummer Plays a 600 BPM Blast Beat


I’m not sure who currently holds the record for fastest blast beat — unlike, say, Napalm Death’s “You Suffer” being definitively known as the world’s shortest song, there doesn’t seem to be an undisputed consensus on this issue. But there does seem to be a consensus that whomever holds the title, he or she likely will never be able to exceed somewhere in the vicinity of 310 bpm, because, y’know, the human body has limits.

Robot bodies, on the other hand, do not! So it would be cheating to award Captured! by Robots’ drummer, DRMBOT0110, the World’s Fast Blast Beater trophy. Still, if you’ve ever wondered what blast beats in the 400 BPM – 600 bpm range would sound like, this video will answer that question. Plus: ROBOTS! Robots are awesome. If you don’t like robots your inner child is dead and you should go prepare next year’s taxes or whatever instead of watching this.

Everyone else…

[via The PRP]

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