Power Metal Party: Halcyon Way


Halcyon Way occupy a nice little sweet spot between power metal, classic prog (Dream Theater, Symphony X, etc.), thrash and power metal… but when the chorus to their new track “Blame” kicks in it’s the power metal element that shines brightest. Sometimes you need to fearlessly lean in and embrace the power, ya know? Epic shit gonna be epic. Doesn’t mean you can’t also be heavy, which Halcyon Way most certainly are.

The band is seemingly very aware of this, offering the following on their new album Bloody But Unbowed:

““We are beyond excited to finally unleash this beast upon everyone. This is by far our heaviest album, but it also has the biggest choruses, and it’s just the right next step in our evolution as a band. It was a difficult album to write and put over the finish line, and we cannot wait to have everyone hear it. From the songs to the production to the art, we think all our fans are going to absolutely love it, and when people that haven’t heard Halcyon Way before get a taste, they’re going to be like ‘where has this band been my whole life?’”.

One final thought and then I’ll leave you and “Blame” to get a room together: that guitar solo is some glorious Snake Sabo / Scotti Hill shit! Well done.

Bloody But Unbowed comes out on August 3rd via Agonia Records; pre-order here.

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