WSOU Picks of the Week: Clutch, Stone Sour, Ice Nine Kills


Seton Hall University’s WSOU radio is the only all-metal, all-the-time station currently broadcasting in the US, and has been a force in metal for DECADES. It’s also streamable online from anywhere in the world! Each week, the staff of WSOU shares their picks for the heaviest of the heavy, as well as the station’s charts for that week, right here on MetalSucks. Enjoy:

Clutch – “How to Shake Hands” (Aubrey F.)

The mob will definitely go wild with Clutch’s new single “How to Shake Hands.” If there’s any voice that ages like fine wine, it’s Neil Fallon’s, as showcased here. If you’re a native Clutch fan then this track should hold a place of familiarity with you. “How to Shake Hands” is very reminiscent of Neil’s raspy, soulful vocals from their self-titled album coupled with the fast paced, psychobilly-esque rock sound from Blast Tyrant. Only two singles have been released from the album so far but by the sounds of it, Clutch are nowhere near their finish line.

Stone Sour – “Burn One Turn One” (Danielle M.)

This week Stone Sour graced us with their new song “Burn One Turn One,” and believe me when I say that I couldn’t be happier. I can imagine this song fitting into a fight scene in one of the Matrix movies, particularly the first few seconds where the short drum beats catch your attention and draw you in. It’s a song fitting of an action scene, with punches, running around, and organized chaos – or, better yet, it’s fitting of a mosh pit. The songs feels like it’s along the same lines as “Fabuless” and serves as a contrast to slower ones from previous albums such as “St. Marie” or “Through Glass.” If this is the direction Stone Sour intend to take in the future, then count me in.

Ice Nine Kills – “The American Nightmare” (Nick P.)

If you like horror movies, do I have the band for you! Ice Nine Kills, whose last album was entirely based on books such as Stephen King’s The Shining and Carrie, have brought forth their new single, “The American Scream.” Based on Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street, this song has all of the elements that come to mind for those who have listened to these guys before. From adding key points of the plot to the lyrics (such as Freddy’s glove) to the screaming duo of Spencer and JD, Ice Nine Kills never fail to amaze.

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