Jesse Leach on the New Killswitch Engage Album and the Current Condition of His Vocal Cords


Killswitch Engage bassist Mike D’Antonio recently revealed that the band was in the middle of recording a new album when vocalist Jesse Leach found himself in need of emergency surgery for his vocal cords, which, as you’d suspect, put the kibosh on doing any recording for awhile.

Now, in a new interview with Sweden Rock Festival (below), Leach has offered some updates on both the state of his voice and the state of the next KSE record. And it’s all good news!

“My voice feels great, so I’m in a great state of mind and I’m super excited. I feel I’m singing better than I ever have.”

Leach continued:

“We’ve got twenty-one songs [for the new album]. I got into about seven before I had to stop and get checked out – and that’s when I figured out I had to go have surgery to cut off nodules.

“But that was a total blessing in disguise because sitting with a vocal teacher, going through rehab and re-learning how to use my voice again, I know how to do it properly.

“Finally, after all these years of abuse, I know where the voice is supposed to be placed, and I feel like I’m singing better, I’m screaming better – and that’s affected my mental health.

“So, yeah, it’s been a hell of a trip, but everything happens for a reason.”

So, like I said, that’s all good ne… wait a second. Twenty-one songs? Didn’t D’Antonio say say the band had twenty-two songs? BEEF ALERT! KILLSWITCH ENGAGE MEMBERS CAN’T AGREE ON HOW MANY SONGS THEY HAVE FOR THEIR NEXT RECORD! BREAK-UP SURELY IMMINENT!!!

Sorry. Just wanted to make sure this story had a least a little drama.

Killswitch Engage’s new album — their first for Metal Blade — will be out in 2019.

[via loudersound.com]

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