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Baroness Drummer’s Tour Absence Was Due to His Girlfriend Fighting Off Sexual Attacker


Baroness made lemonade out of lemons last week when they performed at Hellfest as an acoustic three piece, necessitated by drummer Sebastian Thomson’s sudden trip home to the States to tend to what at the time was only revealed to be a “family emergency.”

Upon returning to Europe to re-join Baroness, Thomson shared the terribly upsetting nature of that emergency: someone tried to rape his girlfriend. In a post to Instagram over the weekend, Thomson shared:

“I’m back! Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. Just so you have an idea of what happened, my gf got assaulted in her apartment by a would-be rapist. Luckily she’s a total badass and fought him off after an intense struggle. I’m so proud of what a hero she is. NYPD was super professional and helpful and nabbed the loser in 24 hours. I also want to thank my Baroness family for being so unconditionally supportive. Thanks again everyone, back to rocking!”

Even without knowing all the details, that experience sounds absolutely horrifying. The trauma of the assault may last a life time, but we hope she’s on her way to recovering both emotionally and physically as much as is possible at this early stage. Best to her, Sebastian, and everyone else involved (except the rapist: fuck that guy).

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