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Bloodbath are a Bunch of Trolls


Not to be deterred by the visa issues that prevented them from touring North America this spring, Bloodbath revealed some exciting news via Facebook the other day: their new album is finished!

But nothing is ever THAT simple with this band — they’ve always gotta fuck with us at least a little — so… well, read for yourself:

“The new album is officially DONE and the master is now leaving us and heading to Peaceville! Curious about the artwork? The album title? The song titles? The number of songs on the album? The release date? The formats? The line-up? The sound and production? The fuckin’ legendary featured guests? Watch this space….”

Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute… “the line-up?” Are we to infer from this post that it’s not the same line-up as the last record?

That’s certainly possible, and Satan knows this band’s had their fair share of lineup changes over the years (including three vocalists on only four albums).

Guess we’ll need to wait to find out. But more importantly: NEW BLOODBATH! GET EXCITE!

[via Metal Injection]

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