Pestilence’s Patrick Mameli Scolds Facebook Follower with a Racist Slur, Propagates Jewish Stereotypes, Defends Donald Trump and Fox News


MetalSucks has learned that Pestilence guitarist and vocalist Patrick Mameli chided a Facebook follower with a highly offensive racial slur in 2017.

This past October, Mameli took to social media to post a photo of himself sporting blonde dreadlocks. When one follower commented that he looked like a member of the ’90s pop group Milli Vanilli, Mameli replied, “Je zegt dat ik een neger ben?” — Dutch for “You’re saying I’m a n*gger?”.

Although it’s tempting to dismiss Mameli’s use of a racial slur as an unfunny and ill-advised joke, Mameli also propagated bigoted ideology during a recent defense of Donald Trump and Fox News.

Referring to the Trump administration’s highly-controversial decision to move the United States embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Mameli reinforced two long-running anti-Semitic stereotype — that Jews, Israelis, and Zionists are all one and the same, and that the Jews are masterminding one massive conspiracy to further their own interests. The guitarist/vocalist first asserted that it was a “Great move [for Trump] to get that jewish [sic] embassy going,” and suggested that if Trump had not moved the embassy, “he would have been dead already” (i.e., the Jewish/Israeli puppet masters would have had him killed).

Should Mameli choose to take these comments down, you can view screenshots below.

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